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AAP flying high in Punjab

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AAP flying high in Punjab

Aam Admi Party of Kejriwal is concentrating very hard on upcoming elections of Punjab legislative assembly in 20017. Kejri wal is on tour of Punjab to meet Sikh preachers and to announce the first list of candidates very soon. AAP already surprised Indian politics by winning 4 seats in last parliament elections out of 13 in Punjab with 25 % of vote sharing.AAP was formed after janlokpal movement by Arwind Kejriwal and his subordinates who participated directly or indirectly in the all time biggest agitation against corruption under the leadership of Anna Hazare” a prominent social worker of India”.


Punjab’s Political scenario

Punjab used to vote for two major parties in legislative elections Indian National Congress and Shiromani Akali Dal and both used to share five years term one by one. Akalies alliance with BJP changed the scene and Akali +BJP government got mandate for two collective terms. People of Punjab had no alternate of BJP+SAD other than Congress, but this time AAP which is reported to fight with the support of BSP in elections. BSP has more than 4 % share of votes in Punjab which can be higher this time if they get alliance with AAP. BJP and SAD both are confident as they are believed to have support of particular communities, but BJP voters are not satisfied with the second grade participation of BJP in Punjab Government. SAD is facing another issue as the genuine fighter for the particular community Mr. H.S Phoolka contested MP from Ludhiana on the ticket of Aam Admi Party. Layer Phoolka is known for its efforts for providing justice to the victims of 1984 anti- Sikh riots and he is the strongest contender of Chief Ministerial post of Punjab from Aam Admi Party.

AAP Position in Punjab

“AAP is the right choice friends” this is the slogan, which can be heard everywhere in Colleges and universities of Punjab as the youth of Punjab has been attracted towards AAP. They hate corruption and love equality, which they think AAP can serve much better than other parties. Is baar tan charu pherange ( This time we will sweep broom) these words can be heard from any labor class voter. Broom is the symbol of Aam Admi Party, which is unique and attractive for the labor class. Rickshaw pullers to auto drivers are all looking desperate to get change in Punjab and they believe in AAP. The party also enjoys the favor of honest bureaucrats Apians do not appeal for Congress free India or any community free India, their heart winning slogan is corruption free India, which can be corruption free Punjab sooner during election campaigns.

Where AAP lacks

AAP is lacking in shrewd politics, which can be blessings in disguised for them. The most difficult task for AAP is to choose right candidates because opportunists can take the benefit of AAPs innocence. People are ready to vote for AAP, but all depends on credibility and reputation of the candidates. AAP is lacking in sufficient funds, they ask for donation from the people which can go against them dangerously.AAP have not groomed its leaders in Punjab and allegations on sitting MP Bhagwant Maan damaged the reputation of the party, these type of incidents can ruin their dreams in Punjab’s elections.


At present AAP is the biggest danger for all the parties in Punjab especially for Congress, because at most of the contests AAP has gained the vote bank of Congress at large. Let us see what BJP+ SAD alliance does near elections to stop AAP.

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