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Punjab Voters Lost Faith in Political Candidates

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 Punjab Voters Lost Faith in Political Candidates

Current political issues have disturbed the faith of voters in political candidates in Punjab .AAP has announced 32 political candidates out of 117 Vidhan Sabha Seats of Punjab.The list is full of good profiles, which suggest that they can be proved good reformers in Punjab politics. The list is full of educated officers and social workers working hard at ground level.

All these steps are a big worry for Congress and SAD+BJP, but it is a big relief to them if they listen to the views of voters. Voter of Punjab faced lots of bad times from the era of terrorism to the era of Udta Punjab (Flying Punjab with drugs, a recent movie on Punjab drug mafia). “These politicians can be anything but not human for votes so why shouldn’t the voters adopt the same policy”? Said by a group of voters. “We have not chosen any party to vote for, we will see and enjoy the desperation of politicians and vote for our interest only”.


Consideration of voters

Voters of Punjab want social security for each and every Punjabi. Yes, of course, they need bread and butter, but with respect and dignity. They say no to communism and ask for the development of not only the infrastructure of Punjab but the development of families and a population of Punjab. Employment and education are also a major point of consideration. A ban on all kinds of drugs will be a welcome step by every Punjabi also a ban on the politics of drugs. Social justice with equality is much needed by the Punjabis. Honest politicians are in high demand, which never been witnessed in the past.

Voter of Punjab is getting ready to clean Punjab of dirty politics. Voters are asking who is going to benefit us the most and who are capable of fulfilling the promises they make. It looks like Punjabis are going to vote for the benefits only and they won’t mind it in admitting that. “It is enough now,” say, voters, “we will teach the lesson to the bad politicians. Surprisingly, when asked about anti-incumbency factor you will hear “no” it doesn’t matter to them, only the manifestos will matter. The past report cards of candidates will matter and better presentation of new hopes will matter.

Punjabis are now aware of the fact that all leaders are their servants and before put them on the job the tests and interviews must be taken many times so that they remember how hard they get the job. The only aim is to realize them while working that they have to work honestly to keep the job in the hands. An old man asked, “who cares about winning?” “They all make fools of us I will not vote anybody”

The moods of voters are really like a professional voter, the situation is suggesting that voters are prepared to give and take policy, they look like good negotiators. Interesting to see what they negotiate and what they choose for them. A peaceful, healthy and wealthy Punjab is the need of Punjabis.

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