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Election Campaign with Blames Started in Punjab

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Election Campaign with Blames Started in Punjab

Blame game of political leaders in Punjab started when Arvind Kejriwal’s direct blamed on Mijithia, calling him a drug dealer and Majithia filed a defamation case against the AAP’s chief and called him a thug of Banaras.Now Arvind Kejriwal is facing blames from many political candidates Navjot Singh Sidhu said that Arvind’s intentions are not good and ex-convener of his own party chotepur also blamed him that his intentions are to get power in Punjab.

Arvind Kejriwal

Kejriwal is a chief minister of Delhi and also the chief of the Aam Admi Party, he wanted to have the attention of the voters of Punjab and he tried to blame ruling party for drug menace in Punjab. AAP too much depends on the upcoming election of Punjab legislative assembly in 2017 for its growth in India. AAP was in a good position and moving very intelligently in Punjab, but the blame game has spoiled the image of Kejriwal. He challenged the Punjab government to arrest him in six months or he will get Majithia arrested after six months he warned publicly. He also blamed Akalies for false cases on their opponents and the common people. Kejriwal is known as a peace loving man and a clean politician, but he has changed his attitude and start blaming like other politicians. He promised the citizens of Delhi that he would file a case of corruption against Ex. CM of Delhi Mrs. Shila Dixit, but till now Mrs. Shila enjoying the status of Ex CM of Delhi and heading towards Uttar Pradesh to lead INC in upcoming elections of Lok Sabha.

Vikram Jeet Singh Majithia

Mr. Majitjia is brother –in –law of deputy Chief Minister of Punjab Government Mr. Sukhbir Badal. He won from Majithia and got the responsibility in the cabinet as a minister of revenue and information & public relations. He is one of the big pillars of Akali Dal and known as a bold leader. He also reacted to the issue and filed a case of defamation on Kejriwal, whom he asked for the daily hearing of the case, he also blamed Kejriwal for disturbing the Punjab’s peace. SAD also want to repeat it’s government third time in Punjab and they are working hard for it as Sukhbir Singh Badal is looking forward the responsibility of Chief Minister this time. Majithia is no doubt a smarter politician than Kejriwal who has put the allegation on AAP of false promises, which he may prove in coming days if the fight continues.


The politics of blames is not a new thing in Punjab, but now people understand the facts and do not get carried away. Voters do not vote sympathetically, but vote logically these days, but politicians keep on playing the dirty and shameful politics of blames. The way the politicians blame each other for power is really disgusting. The level of politics is decreasing day by day. AAP enlisted the new hopes, but Kejriwal has broken the hopes of clean politics. People of Punjab do not want violence in elections, but these types of blames will give the dangerous violence in the result during the elections. Many may die or seriously injured, but these politicians do not value the life of the emotional followers and workers.

There are many incidents of violence happened in the country and Punjab because of false or true blames on opposite parties and their leaders. Many have lost their main family members in these incidents. Public properties are burned and people get harassed many times, not only party workers, but the common people also get affected seriously. Many voters do not vote because of fear of incidents of booth capturing and violence. These incidents get a start because of politics of blame, which is a real shame.

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