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No Political news impacts negatively on AAP’s Election Campaign in Punjab Polls

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 No Political news impacts negatively on AAP’s Election Campaign in Punjab Polls

Aam Aadmi Party accelerated election campaign in Punjab released favorable manifesto for farmers despite much negative news against the party and Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal also suspended Devinder Sherwat who raised the question on sexual harassment of females in return on tickets in Punjab. Aapians are winning the publicity by punishing its own leaders on complaints.These moves clearly show that how serious the Party’s national convener Arvind Kejriwal is in Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections 2017. Aam Admi Party has issued 31 points manifesto of farmers to woe the farmer’s votes and Kejriwal himself lead the rally which held in Moga. The manifesto which contains many benefits to the farmers specially to stop the suicides is another great political move because the suicides by the farmers are the major issue not only in Punjab but all over India.AAP working system shows they do not worry of news of allegations but simply working hard to win Punjab and people are supporting their ideology .

Political achievements in Punjab

AAP with 25 % of votes in its favor won 4 out of 13 Lok Sabha seats in Punjab; it is believed that AAP had gained the support of Congress vote bank which turned into the favor of AAP after Arvind’s direct attacks on corruption on Government of Delhi of Congress. Now Arvind Kejriwal and his party are well set to unsettle the vote bank of BJP&SAD, it has gained the popularity in youth and labor class and now in farmers with an attractive manifesto for farmers of Punjab.


AAP who was in touch with Navjot Singh after his resignation from Rajya Sabha failed to settle any ties with him, which might go against the wave of AAP in Punjab. The issue of Sucha Singh Chotepur and dissidents in many constituencies are the big worries of AAP in Punjab, the agitate workers of its own party held a dharna in Sahne wal in which they raised slogans against Kejriwal. It seems that workers of the party have huge expectations from the party leadership, which are not being tackled by the party smartly. Congress is also working hard on getting back the faith of its vote bank by showing AAP outsiders.

Minds of Voters

A little survey done by ipolls.org shows the position of AAP is still strong, when talked casually in public and telephonic talks with near and dears, no body opened the cards, but a feeling of anti-incumbency is there. People are also interestingly watching the moves of SAD&BJP, as voters expect something big from the alliance to beat the record and remain in power for the third time.” Proud to be Akali” is the movement which is getting success , the movement may help alliance to intact its vote bank which might be much more sufficient for a hat trick in the history of Punjab. AAP may gain the sympathy of so called conspiracy against its election campaign in Punjab.

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