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AAP’sPolitical Candidate from Mohali doesn’t Look Dearest

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AAP’sPolitical Candidate from Mohali doesn’t Look Dearest

Himmat Singh Shergill nominated as a candidate of AAP from Mohali also known as SAS Nagar (Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar) in coming vidhan Sabha elections in Punjab. Mr. Shergill is a senior Supreme Court lawyer and fighting the land acquisition case of farmers of Gujrat against the state.He was a candidate of AAP in last Lok Sabha elections 2014 and gave a tough fight to Ambika Soni of Congress and winning candidate Chandumajra . He could have chosen because he led from Mohali by over 5000 votes over winner Chandumajra of SAD. He is the best option from the party’s point of view, but the ground reality is different.


Mohali is the one of the best city of Punjab and a commercial hub with the literacy rate of more than 88%. The well-planned city near Chandigarh is a part of a tri-city with emerging IT hub and the new International airport is an intellectual’s populous area. Sikhs occupy the city with 61 % of the population and 36% Hindus live a comfortable life with modern facilities.



The voters of Mohali are very intelligent and they vote for good reasons only and AAP has many good reasons to get the votes of educated people. People do not waste their vote and understand the value of their vote better than any other city’s citizens of Punjab. Healthy and wealthy voters of Mohali can influence voters of other constituencies. They are expected to vote for the strongest ideology of humanitarian and development of individuals. Mohali is a very important constituency, AAP seems very confident to win Mohali with Shergill, but some hurdles are there which have to be removed.

Aapians objection on Shergill

Aapians major objection on Shergill is that he is not from Mohali and the people of Mohali needs a candidate from their own city. Workers and members of AAP explained that Mr. Shergill is an outsider who did not even came to thank the voters of Mohali after losing elections, as people of Mohali wholeheartedly voted for him and helped him in gaining from Mohali. His absence in the activities of the party in Mohali is also a point. Mr. Shergill has not only damaged his personal image, but also affected the image of the party. All the workers in AAP work at ground level and they need a person who is a part of the struggle to maintain the image of Aam Admi Party.

Overall the confident AAP has announced his name now if the wave of Delhi elections continues in Punjab then Mr. Shergill will win, but if Mohalizens get any better choice than AAP will lose a sure shot seat, which may have an impact on other parts of Punjab. It is an interesting situation and all is not in the hands of God but Mohalizens only. Good luck citizens of Mohali does not matter who wins the elections, but voters must win and set an example of the best participation in politics. Whole Punjab expects the best decision of the voters of Mohali.

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