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Aspiration of Arvind Kejriwal may finish AAP’s Race in Punjab Polls

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Aspiration of Arvind Kejriwal may finish AAP’s Race in Punjab Polls

It is a said that” man he who runs faster than his speed falls” might not be heard by Arvind Kejriwal , but it had been seen with Kiran Bedi in last assembly election of Delhi. Kiran Bedi instantaneously made the political candidate of CM from Delhi by BJP, but she lost and BJP reduced to only 3 seats. It was the biggest twist in Delhi polls as Kiran Bedi was believed to be much more honest and blessed with greater administrative qualities than Kejriwal , but her speed to reach political ambition of BJP made her loose.

Political moves of Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal is concentrating and working much faster in Punjab and the reports are there that he has an ambition to become CM of Punjab, because in Delhi the government has not been given full powers to run the capital of India according to Indian constitution. Arvind very early has announced his 32 political candidates for Punjab’s Vidhan Sabha election 2017, which is not a perfect move as dissidents get the chance to show their resentment. It has given time to the Appains to think again and unsatisfied party workers or loyalists may change mind. The ex-convener of AAP in Punjab Sucha Singh Chotepur was totally ignored, which aggravate the resentment in party workers. AAP once was in position to pick and choose the honest and popular leaders from other parties are now losing its own old leaders and supporters in Punjab. This incident has broken many hearts and hopes of people, the worker who worked hard to make the image of party now may not participate whole heartedly in the Vidhan Sabha elections 2017.

Sidhu’s incident and its effect

Navjot Singh Sidhu revealed that he was indented to join Aam Admi Party, but Arvind Kejriwal wanted him to use as a star campaigner only. Sidhu’s statement has brighter the whole scenario and intentions of Arvind kejriwal and rest of the damage has done by Chotepur by stating that Kejriwal is anti-Sikh personality who wants to rule Punjab. The both incidents have disrupted the image of Aam Admi Party in Sikh’s populous state Punjab. There are 58% of Sikhs live in Punjab and 38.5 % Hindus, now the biggest question is will Sikhs accept a Hindu Chief Minister? The answer of this question cannot be given by anybody, only the results will tell the reality?

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