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Land of Martyrs Looking for a Powerful Leader

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Land of Martyrs Looking for a Powerful Leader

Firozepur is known as the land of martyrs because of many historical incidents and memorials, Anglo Sikh War, Barki Square, supreme sacrifice of Saragari and Memorial and the most popular place is National Martyrs Memorial Hussainiwala. At Hussainiwala just 7 Km from Firozepur city Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh and his two companions Rajguru and Sukhdev bought dead by British cops for an isolated cremation.

Political Situation

There are 4 Vidhan Sabha constituencies in Firozepur , two of these were won by Congress and two by SAD in Vdhan Sabha elections 2012 result . Sardar Parminder Singh Pinky of Congress defeated BJP’s sitting MLA Sukhpal Singh Nanu with the fair margin of more than 20000 votes from Firozepur City. Firozepur has a very good literacy rate of 95 % according to its officials and the voters are intelligent. Parminder Singh Pinky if awarded a ticket again from Congress has a very good chance to win again, but on the other side BJP which was not united earlier, now has started working with unity. Mr. Kamal Sharma who is ex-President of Punjab BJP has seen with ex-MLA of BJP Sukhpal Singh Nanu working at ground level. There are reports that the credit of development in Firozepur goes to Mr. Kamal Sharma, but Parminder Singh and his team explain the people about the efforts of Parminder Singh Pinky behind the development. In this tough of war of taking the credit coasts to the citizens and Firozepur remain underdeveloped. One government college is building in Firozepur , one under bridge and satellite PGI are in proposal, but it is not sure to whom the people of Firozepur will give the credit. AAP the new revolution in Punjab politics has not announced any political candidate from the constituency, but they have a fair number of vote banks in Firozpur, which was seen in last Lok Sabha Elections.

Current Politics

Voters of Firozepur are divided and currently Parminder Singh Pinky is a favorite political candidate from Congress, but all depends on ticket distribution policy of Congress. There is a huge suspense over ticket of BJP, sources indicate that Kamal Sharma may fight this time, but on the other side, Sukhpal Singh Nannu is also a strong contender.AAP has a number of workers but there is still no idea of its political candidate .The political activities of Congress and BJP suggest that AAP has very low chance in Firozepur.


It is interesting to hear that many voters of Firozepur think that because of AAP, BJP& SAD will win the third time and create the history. AAP failed in Delhi and it only will disturb the Congress vote bank that is the opinion of Firozepurens.


Firozepur will face a tough fight this time and the real fight is between Congress and BJP&SAD,but who knows if AAP gets the benefit of a tough fight. Whatever the result will be, but voters of Firozepur have not made their mind yet, they will vote smartly .The main reason is Firozepur people of Firozepur think that the city remains underdeveloped every time, so this time they need a powerful leader who can contribute in development of Firozepur.

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