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Oar of Unity and Peace may Sail BJP&SAD thrice in Punjab Polls

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Oar of Unity and Peace may Sail BJP&SAD thrice in Punjab Polls

The victory of BJP& SAD in Punjab Vidhan Sabha results in 2012 surprised political analysts, because in the past in every elections power used to change, but SAD won fair margin of seats and made the government of alliance. The strength of the alliance is the unity symbol of Punjab where as BJP is the party with the ideology of Hindutav & Hindu Nationalism and SAD is purely a Sikh political party, the ideology of SAD is Punajbiyat , Punjabi Nationalism, and Sikhism.

Population of Punjab

Sikhs are the major part of Punjab’s population with 16004754 in numbers nearly 58% of the total population and Hindus are 10678138 in numbers out of 2,7700000 of the total population of Punjab 21% are Jat Sikhs 10% Majhabi Sikhs. Hindu communities are Brahmin, Khatri, and Baniyas etc.

Factual position of unity

BJP& SAD alliance gets the full credit of re-establish the faith in Hindus and Sikhs for each other’s communities. Punjab came back to its rich culture, but the economical status has come down. Inter- caste marriages between Hindus and Sikhs started like in the past before 1980. Relations Friendships between the populations of both the communities are a common factor these days all due to the SAD& BJP alliance. The interesting thing is BJP have Sikhs in the party as political candidates and workers and on the other side, SAD have Hindus in the party as political candidates and workers. Now people and political leaders talk about Punjabis instead of Sikhs or Hindus, both communities enjoy langar parsad in Gurudwaras and sing bhajans in temples, they have made real Punjab.

Non Publicized facts

RSS” Rashtryiye Samvamsevak sangh” at whom BJP depends on the most for Vote bank has an affiliated wing of RSS “Rashtriye Sikh Sangathan” which was formed on 24 November 1986 on the Prakash Purab of Shree Gurunanak Dev JI. RSS Rashtriye Sikh Sangatahn is an independent socio-cultural organization which works for the promotion of Hindu and Sikhs relations and It works to spread the knowledge of Gurbani to every Indian. They paid the price for their sincere efforts when its president Sardar Rulda Singh assassinated in 2009 by Babar Khasla international.

No doubt the terrorism in Punjab ended in the rule of Congress, but the SAD & BJP alliance make a real unity successfully. One more noticeable fact is both SAD and hard core Hindu political party Shiv sena are the part of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) lead by BJP at center.

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