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Current Politics may Push Congress in New Polls

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Current Politics may Push Congress in New Polls

The election campaign for new polls in Punjab has been started by almost all the parties and Congress has also started working at ground level. Political candidates of Congress are meeting people face to face and try their levels best to convince the voters. Congress is the oldest political party in the country and it ruled seven times in Punjab.

Congress in Punjab

Congress has a huge vote bank in Punjab; many families feel proud in calling themselves Congressmen. The roots of Congress in Punjab are very deep; in 2009 Lok Sabha elections Congress won 8 seats out of 13 in Punjab. Congress also claims that it finished the terrorism in Punjab, which is true; it has many other positive political achievements in Punjab. Dr. Manmohan Singh a Sikh became Prime Minister and another Sikh from Punjab Giani Jail Singh became president of India under the rule of Congress. Green revolution in Punjab, which benefited the whole India, came under the rule of Chief Minister Sardar Partap Singh Kairon of Congress. A large number of Population of Punjab still believe that rule of Congress in Punjab always benefited Punjabis.

Current Politics and the fact

The reports suggest that Aam Admi party has broken into the vote bank of Congress, but the truth is different. In Delhi assembly elections if Congress failed to win any seat then BJP also got only 3 seats. The most important point which favors Congress is the statistical result of Lok Sabha elections in 2014 in Punjab. Congress only won 3 seats, but Captain Amrinder Singh won the crucial seat of Amritsar constituency. Capt: defeated the present Indian Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitly and the stats shows Congress maintained its vote sharing at 33.10 % and lost 12.13%, where as Shiromani Akali Dal won 4 seats but maintained the vote sharing at 20.13 percent with a loss of 13.55%. The Total vote sharing of BJP & SAD 29% with the loss of 14.91% clearly shows that the new party from Delhi affected Alliance more than Congress.

Navjot Singh Sidhu has launched Awaaz-E-Punjab, which is totally against the ruling alliance and he also put a big question mark on the credibility of Arvind and his Party. Sidhu’s front is not in winning the position, but they can break into the votes of Alliance and Arvind's Party. Sidhu’s front can surprise and its stand may let the Congress come back in politics.


Congress workers are working with a full proof plan; the whole party is united in Punjab. The ticket distribution system has been improved, which is going to be the key factor in new polls of Punjab 2017 for all the parties .Congress has numbers of good names who can win in its list and the correct ticket distribution will make the struggle of Congress successful. The complicated moves of other parties might simplify the victory of Congress. The oldest party really has the fair chance to come back in Indian Politics by winning new polls in Punjab

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