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Punjab Congress Claims Position number One, Feels no Worry of Jagmeet Brar

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Punjab Congress Claims Position number One, Feels no Worry of Jagmeet Brar

Punjab Congress President Captain Amrinder Singh claimed that his party stands at number one position in the race of new polls in Punjab. He has given the reference to a survey done by an independent agency. He said,“the final contest will be in between Congress and Alliance of Akalies and BJP, however, Aam Adami Party stands at no two positions at present”. He pointed the large vote banks of Akalies and Congress which will leave behind other new comers. He informed about the massive rally in Moga of Congress to be held soon, in which Rahul Gandhi will participate. He said popular political candidates of Congress will do small meetings with people and will try to reach 1.5 Crores population with the message of Congress. Congress slowly making its lost ground back in Punjab, trying to vow its vote bank, its leaders know the fact that any small mistake can harm the party.ery famous in Congressmen of Punjab. A Slogan Chahuda hai Punjab Catain di sarkar means Punjab wants Government of Captain Amrinder Singh is very famous in Congressmen of Punjab. Captain Amrinder singh, who is believed to contest last time as a candidate of Chief Minister is really working very cautiously, However, Mr. Partap Singh Bajwa has not been deputed to any responsibility so far.

Issue of Jagmeet Brar

The ex-Congressman jagmeet Brar is now targeting Congress in his election campaign and trying to give a set back to the party, but according to Congress, he is not in any position to damage the image of Congress. Captain Amrinder Singh stated ‘after he was expelled from the Punjab Congress Brar has no other option then to give any party unconditional support”. According to him, he does not think Brar serious leader, wherever he goes will not get inner peace and rehabilitation. Congress vice president Mr. Avatar Henry said '' We understand the frustration of Brar as he has become a political refugee” and Henry further added that Jagmeet Brar is himself responsible for his present position.

Jagmeet Brar

Jagmeet Singh Brar served Congress for 35 years but left alone on 5th of January 2015 due to his differences with party leadership. Now Brar looking for settlement of his political career in Punjab Politics, but his close associate Manjeet Singh Jhalbuti rejoined the Congress party in Punjab.@ times Ex-MP from Congress ,who also defeated then Union Minister Sukhbir Badal in 1999 Lok Sabha from Faridkot.

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