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Punjab Polls: Walkover of Sidhu in Favor of Anonymous Political Party

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Punjab Polls: Walkover of Sidhu in Favor of Anonymous Political Party

Navjot Singh Sidhu former cricket player and known for Sidhuism is again in political headlines of political news papers of India. Navjot Singh Sidhu who resigned from Rajya Sabha membership and BJP was indented to join Aam Admi Party in new polls of Punjab. It was in political headlines that he will be the candidate of Chief Minister from Aam Admi Party, but he stunned everyone and announced a new front Awaaz-E-Punjab with his friend hockey player Pargat Singh and famous bains brothers of Ludhiana.

Today on Wednessday 21st September he again shows his sensible Sidhuism and announced that he will not convert his front Awaaz-E-Punjab into a political party and will support any other political party. He said, “we do not want to divide the votes of anti incumbency factor against the family of Badal”. He announced without naming any party that his front is open for an alliance with anyone who can beat the parties of Captain Amrinder Singh And Parkash Singh Badal .

Sidhu said,” the time is too short to build the acceptance of any new party in Punjab”. Sidhu knows the fact that he will waste time and will lose his mature and honest image as a politician as his front is not in a position to win. He has not told about contesting the elections by any member of the front means he wants to have all options in hand.

Sidhu’s announcement of going against SAD and Congress in new polls has raised an interesting question. The current political issues are clearly indicating that Aam Admi Party is the party which can give defeat to SAD and Congress, so is he trying again to win the favor of Aam Admi Party? which has lost its strong wave in Punjab polls? He clearly mentioned that he will support the organization which will work for the benefits of Punjabis.

One more interesting twist in politics of Punjab can happen, as all political analysts know that Sidhu put some serious allegations on Arvind, but he has not spoken to BJP and his wife is still a minister from BJP in Punjab Government. Is Sidhu getting ready to scandalize the Punjab politics? Does BJP have any master plan for new polls in Punjab? Success of BJP in Maharashtra and Haryana makes the doubts deeper.

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