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Punjab Polls: Political Leaders will Drag Spiritual Leaders into Election Campaign

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Punjab Polls: Political Leaders will Drag Spiritual Leaders into Election Campaign

Election Campaign in Punjab for new polls is accelerating and in these polls, the religious preacher might be seen in the role of political campaigners.BJP on Wednesday 21st September openly said that they will go to the camps of saints to get their blessings. The open statement of contacting religious preachers and saints for support in new polls of Punjab might start a race in political parties to approach the religious Gurus for political support.

Religious and Politics

One of the greatest Presidents of America Mr. Kennedy once stated during an election campaign to break the apprehensions of Americans on his close relations with the then Pope “If Pope knows the politics and the politicians know the religion then the world would have been different”. He as a catholic was facing the people’s apprehensions and the great politician stated. “I am the candidate of the Democratic party for the president,I am not the candidate of Catholics for the president.I happen to be a Catholic also. I do not speak for my church, and the church does not speak for me.”BY John F Kennedy.

Political leaders of India are not like Kennedy they deliberately involve religion in politics, it in the notice that whenever elections come, political parties visit religious camps and what they do to attract the saints has not been revealed by anybody yet. It is seen in Punjab where around 10000 of religious camps in Punjab and every Saint has a number of followers, who can change the luck of any political candidate. The followers do obey their Gurus and they do vote for the favorite candidate of their Guru.It is also noticeable that involvement of politics in religion is very dangerous and a sensitive issue. Punjab has witnessed religious violence many times which has been en-cashed for political benefits by politicians.

Political leaders drag Spiritual leaders into politics as no spiritual leaders have been reported to approach any political leaders. The fight for survival in new polls of Punjab people may see the spree in politicians to vow the Saints in their favor.

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