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Punjab Elections 2017: Congress may lead in New Polls

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Punjab Elections 2017: Congress may lead in New Polls

Congress is the oldest political party of India is now struggling for its survival and the Political scenario of Punjab is the best platform for them. The election campaign of Congress in Punjab is leaving behind the other parties the campaigning with slogans “Chahunda hai Punjab Captain di sarkar” ( Punjab wants Government of Captain Amrinder Singh) and the” Congress lao Punjab bachao” (Bring Congress and save Punjab) are slowly making an impact on urrent Politics of Punjab. In the high-tech election campaign, they announced a website jangalraj.in where Punjabis can directly post their views and can show resentment over the dictatorship of SAD Government in Punjab . They have also started jawani sambhal yatra (Save Youth march) and they demanded Presidential rule in Punjab for fair elections. SAD&BJP have not started any sound campaigning yet, but they have a sound vote bank and their campaign of” proud be Akali” boosted the confidence in their workers.

Current Political Issues

Congress is reported to have close negotiations with Navjot Singh Sidhu’s front Awaaz-E-Punjab, which if completed then they will be in a very strong position to unsettle any wave. All the political parties of Punjab sensing a strong ant incumbency wave against SAD government and all are presenting themselves a better alternative of SAD Government. SAD&BJP is fighting on the issue of development, which is not enough to convince voters because of uncompleted projects. Congress vote share was better than BJP& SAD in last Lok Sabha elections 2014, which might be improved. The wave of Narendr Modi in 2014 could not help the alliance in getting the number of seats they were expecting. Aam Admi Party unsettled everybody in Punjab, but at present they are also losing their huge popularity.

Congress Solution for Unity

Congress is using new methods to stop dissidents to affect the party, they announced that they will not give chairmanship to any MLA, but it will be rewarded to those who help the MLAs to win. The political candidates who withdraw their pose on the ticket will be preferred for chairmanships if Congress wins the new polls. This move will definitely help Congress in ending the internal conflicts and make them unite.Congress also has an eye on 32% population of Dalits in Punjab, which is going to be very crucial in new polls.

Congress which is vanishing from all over India has its best chance of survival in Punjab’s new polls. The confused voter of Punjab looking for a better alternative and Congress can serve the people of Punjab much better than any inexperienced party. Congress strongly standing in the path of making history by SAD&BJP in Punjab Polls

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