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Donald Trump May Defeat Hillary Clinton in Results of American Elections

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Donald Trump May Defeat Hillary Clinton in Results of American Elections

In ongoing American Elections 2016 of President , surveys have shown that Hillary Clinton is ahead of Mr. Donald trump, but the situation is not that easy for Madame, she is going to face many hurdles. Mrs. Clinton is the apolitical candidate of Democratic Party of America which has given two presidents since 1993 and won 17 times since 1856 , whereas republican party won 23 times. Republican Party of America is showing more popularity to change in the ruling presidency than Democratic Party.

World scenario is showing that there is much more need of a person from the superpower who can handle the terrorism and Americans also know that. In that case, Mr. Donald trump is the best person; his statement against a particular population of a single religion has helped him gained the support of fanatics of other religions in America. The citizens of America are very intelligent and secular, but the fear of terrorism has been spread all over the world which may help Trump.

Mr. Trump has a reputation of a good businessman, who can save the whole world from recession it is believed by many business houses and many Americans who are also facing the worst situation because of recession. The reputation of a good businessman will defiantly help him to gain from the business community of America.

Americans are believed to be a no 1 nation who leads the world in almost every part, the people of America known as a modern population of the world where everybody is equal. The reality is totally different many people in America do not want to see a woman as a president of America, if Hillary believed to have the sympathetically support of females then Trump have the support of dominating males.

It is difficult for Democratic Party to repeatedly win again and Hillary to maintain as a solid Presidential candidate, however, Hillary is confident and may create the history ,but Trump can also win in the close contest and will change the political and economic status of the World.

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