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Punjab Polls: Congress Expected to Come Back in New Polls

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Punjab Polls: Congress Expected to Come Back in New Polls

Indian National Congress the oldest political party of India can come back in Indian Politics in Punjab Polls 2017. Congress is looking very strong in Punjab elections 2017 as both the rivals are struggling on many fronts.

Aam Admi Party once in a position to form a new government in Punjab in new polls of Punjab’s Vidhan Sabha 2017 is now struggling for its survival. Aam Admi Party could not match the expectations of its workers in ticket distribution and tickets are awarded to the people with weak profiles. The party got a severe setback after expelling Chotepur who did too much hard work for the party in making its position in Punjab. Navjot Singh Sidhu a star campaigner from BJP was keen to join Aam Admi Party, but the party high command remained adamant on the ideology of the party. Sidhu is now going to join the Congress as per the reports, his wife already joined Congress.

Sidhu can make a big difference in election campaigns due to his quality of a good speaker and reputation of a crowd puller. Congress is now having good faces to fight the new polls and the issue of demonetization will also go in favor of Congress. After the speech of ex-PM Dr. Mamohan Singh in Parliament and the statements of ex-Finance minister of India P. Chidambaram the political scenario of India has been changed marginally in favor of Congress.

Akali dal is losing its leaders and party workers in the state. Many members and key persons of Akali Dal have joined Congress and Aam Admi Party Akali Dal is facing anti-incumbency factor and their position as a political party is getting weaker day by day as the workers of the party are accused of breaking law and order in the state. Akali dal is also far behind of AAP and Congress in campaigning at social media whereas Congress is using social media for the promotion in much better way. Akalies might face differences in the party on the name of would be the candidate for the chief minister if Parkash Singh Badal retires. Deputy CM Mr. Sukhbir Badal may face a problem if he is declared the candidate of chief minister as many senior leaders might oppose him. The alliance with BJP may help them as voters still can vote on the name of Narender Modi, but the position of BJP in the state is also not good. Resign of Sidhu and his family has given the major setback to the BJP in Punjab.

Congress hired the policy maker “Prashant Kishore”, who is helping the party in ticket distribution also. The party is giving tickets according to the survey of the team of Prashant Kishore. The candidates who are awarded tickets are really very strong and in winning the position. If the party can control the dissidents then all candidates have fair chances of winning. Congress with Capt Amrinder Singh is regaining its faith in public and if Navjot Singh Sidhu joins the party then they can provide a better alternative of Akali & BJP Government in Punjab.

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